the best veggie sandwich ever:

avocado, sliced thin
plum tomato
red onion
alfalfa sprouts
trader joe's goddess dressing or other condiment
toasted whole wheat, rye, or other bread

arrange the sandwich according to your vegetable hierarchy. make sure both bread slices are adequately slathered in the condiment of your choice.
slice the sandwich in half, and serve with pickle, chips, soup, salad, popcorn, or other delicious item.


it's hot toddy season!

here's my own recipe:

8 oz boiling hot water
1 shot southern comfort 100 proof (that's the black label)
the juice of 1 lemon, fresh squeezed
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 dash cayenne pepper (optional)
honey, to taste
1 bag tazo wild sweet orange tea
1 bag tazo calm tea

brew the tea; allow it to steep for about 3 minutes.
add southern comfort, lemon juice, ginger, cayenne, & honey.
nuke the tea for about 30 seconds or add more hot water to it, to ensure that it's hot enough.


also, feel free to add a dash of black seed oil to make it extra serious for those colds & other winter ickies.