the best veggie sandwich ever:

avocado, sliced thin
plum tomato
red onion
alfalfa sprouts
trader joe's goddess dressing or other condiment
toasted whole wheat, rye, or other bread

arrange the sandwich according to your vegetable hierarchy. make sure both bread slices are adequately slathered in the condiment of your choice.
slice the sandwich in half, and serve with pickle, chips, soup, salad, popcorn, or other delicious item.


Dark Daughta said...

Okay, Papi and I agree that both our tongues are wagging. I'll be back. I want to try some of your recipes.

oyadele said...


i love when internet people that i'm not actually, like, friends with offline try my recipes.

happy eating!

sugar rush said...


ms. bliss honeycomb said...

you know what i just did a couple nights ago?

avocado + trader joe's bruschetta + raw kale + tomato on toast.


i'm finding raw kale to be QUITE delicious as a lettuce/spinach substitute. i rarely use lettuce anyway...but i always thought kale was too bitter to eat raw. not so! it's actually almost smoky.