collard greens!

since it's about to be autumn, that means one thing to me: it won't be too hot to cook. i can actually warm my entire apartment by roasting some potatoes or making cornbread. most importantly, though:
i can prepare as many stockpots full of collard greens as i wish to. praise the lord & pass the hot sauce.
my greens are a mash-up of omi's recipe for collards & whatever i feel like the day i prepare them. i usually throw some sofrito into the pot, & have been known to squirt a lil lemon juice in (don't ask, it sounded good at the time & turned out great), also. anyway, here's my first photo contribution to the delicious ignorance blog:

veggies, sauteed & looking sexy:

collards in the pot!

simmering vegetable goodness...

the finished product:

i took these photos w/ my camera phone & am amazed that they turned out this good... lol.

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