chicken croquettes.

these little meaty creations are typically something you find in the frozen food aisle in the market, or in some diner. & they usually look or taste really freaking weird. but, since my mom once taught me how to make salmon croquettes i decided to try my hand at the chicken jumpoffs (thanks, fish allergy!). i made this up as i went along, so the measurements are all kinds of odd. there's essentially no precision involved whatsoever. i think they turned out pretty okay. . .

1 can trader joe's white meat chicken in water (broth is okay, but i find it to be kinda salty)
whole wheat flour, enough to bind the chicken mixture
nasoya nayonaise (regular), enough to maintain the moisture of the chicken mixture
random seasonings, including old bay (for the fishy flavor), diced bell peppers (very little, maybe 2 tbsps), oregano, garlic (fresh, chopped, crushed, or powder), ground blk pepper, cayenne, onion powder, & turmeric
grapeseed, olive or canola oil -- enough to brown croquettes, depending on the size of the skillet being used

drain and rinse the chicken. mix it in a bowl with all seasonings, flour, & nayonaise.

heat the oil in the skillet to the proper temperature for frying (see the fish recipe for ideas if you aren't sure, & do the drop of flour test before adding anything substantial to the oil. turn it DOWN if you've had it turned up to high to heat it rapidly)

as the oil heats, fashion the chicken mixture into small balls, about 1/3 the size of your palm. flatten the balls a little, making them no thicker than 3/4 inches at their thickest point. place as many croquettes as will fit in your frying pan.

brown the croquettes on one side, and turn over for browning on the other side. ideally, the croquettes will cook up to a warm brown color & also be very firm when pressed upon with a fork or other utensil. when they are cooked to your desired brownness, remove the croquettes to a plate topped w/ layered paper towels. (don't act like you don't know how to drain a fried food, dammit)

you may have to change the oil, for stray bits of food that didn't hold together. that's fine. just make sure you turn the burner off & be extra certain to heat the oil slowly -- the skillet will likely still be hot.

serve with sauteed spinach, collard greens, string beans or other sexy vegetables & a nice starch like mac & cheese or some fancy schmancy rice pilaf thing.

this recipe would probably kick ass w/ some sort of meat substitute. i won't try it any time soon since i hate cooking lately, but i encourage you veggie/ vegan readers to try. xoxo

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sugar rush said...

sounds like this would be a good recipe for TVP. i've never felt like messing with it, but for someone who's versed in it, it has the kind of texture that could make this work.

for those new to the non-meat game, use poultry seasoning for that chicken-y taste (if you can't find that, substitute a combo of black pepper, sage, thyme, and a touch of marjoram. same deal).