frittata for that ass.

see, i don't really eat eggs all like that. unless i have a vicious hangover. so, when i'm trying to figure out low-gluten or gluten-free breakfasts, i never think of omelets or anything of that nature. it's like: oatmeal, potatoes, turkey sausage, bacon, maybe leftovers from the night before. i never think about eggs. as a matter of fact, i only buy them if they're an ingredient in something. so, when i saw our fridge was home to 4.5 dozen eggs in anticipation of thanksgiving, i was like "eeeeeewww! what am i gonna do w/ all those eggs? how do i keep them from going bad? ACK!"

then, it dawned on me: make scrambled eggs for boothang every morning. but that really didn't work, cuz she never eats more than two at a time. & i didn't feel like making sweet potato latkes. so i thought, and thought, and while perusing thekitchn.com, it hit me: FRITTATA!

not that i think y'all care how i arrived at this. i'm being self-indulgent & a bit of a story telling jackass. time for the recipe.

1 dozen eggs, beaten
3 small yukon gold potatoes, sliced into thin rounds
olive oil
hot sauce, to taste (i use crystal) ** totally optional. not required. at all.
black pepper, to taste
sauteed vegetables (i mixed broccoli, spinach, and some onion marmalade)
3 cloves of garlic, pressed
a few pinches of sea salt

** there's no cheese in this recipe because we only had american and i don't count that mess for anything that isn't a cheesesteak or grilled cheese sandwich **

preheat oven to 375 degrees.

add about 1 tablespoon coat the biggest oven-safe skillet you have (cast iron is my go-to, about 1 foot in diameter) with olive oil. heat oil; add potatoes and a pinch of salt. cook potatoes until they are soft, stirring often. remove potatoes from skillet and set aside. in the same skillet, warm broccoli, spinach, garlic & onion marmalade. remove vegetables from skillet and set aside. you will need to add more oil to the skillet. lower flame to medium-low, and with a paper towel (or a basting brush), lightly touch the entire inside of the pan with olive oil.

pour about half of your beaten eggs into the skillet. cook until the edges of the eggs begin to solidify. layer potatoes on top of the egg; cook for about 3 minutes or until you see more of the egg solidify. add the other vegetables and the rest of the egg. cook about 5 minutes at medium-high heat or until the top layer of egg is runny primarily at the middle. turn off flame, place skillet in oven.

bake for about 15 minutes (or until the egg is no longer runny). remove skillet from oven. with a butterknife flush against the inside wall of the skillet (between the frittata and skillet), turn the pan. keep going until you return to your original starting point (the easiest way to complete this is to start at the handle).

let the frittata cool for about ten minutes. with a steady, protected (THIS MEANS A REALLY STRONG OVEN MITT OR A DRY TOWEL) hand on both the bottom of the pan and the handle, turn the skillet over onto a large plate. (the frittata will be upside down.)

after the frittata cools, feel free to flip it right side up. slice in half, then quarters, followed by eighths.

serve with toast, breakfast meat or tofu scramble, or by itself.
reheats really well in the oven, and keeps pretty well in the fridge overnight. if you're serving this the day after preparing, the frittata can be a bit runny in the middle -- the reheating will take care of that. if possible, let the frittata get to room temperature before placing in oven. and, please do NOT put your cast iron in the fridge. add cheese before serving, if desired.

buen provecho!

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