thanksgiving is damn near tomorrow.

& here i go w/ the late macaroni and cheese post.

for the dairy eaters, for the wheat eaters, there's plenty. there are a million and one recipes. even some with, like, hot dogs in them.

but, the soy, dairy, and/ or gluten-free livers don't get a whole lot. of course, there's store bought mixes and frozen entrees. but what about thanksgiving and other major meals? what about the first major snow of the year, when you go buy all manner of crap so you can stay in and eat? that's what i'm getting into right now. a recipe, for those who are in deep need of mac & cheese that won't make them feel like the oddball out. or like they're destined to have tummy problems and/ or hives for indulging themselves.

karina of gluten-free goddess has a recipe for what she simply calls the best vegan mac & cheese. it looks amazing. i haven't tried it yet. cuz i'm lazy and would rather deal w/ the sinus headache of rice pasta drowned in regular ass cheese sauce.

also, heidi swanson has this spelt macaroni w/ cashew cheese that i've made before. with the right substitutions, this can be fully allergen free. the flavor is amazing.

happy cooking!

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